Sunday, November 19, 2017

Understanding Your and My Origins

You and I are fairly closely related. But how?

One trait may be intelligence. My own very, very mixed family is fairly bright. Some of my family members have tested IQs of over 140, and that doesn't seem to be the exception, as far as I can tell.

When I worked the phones for, I met African-Americans of African and Scottish ancestry. It became very obvious to me they were more intelligent than I, and probably many of my own family. This does not make them better and me worse. Did this kind of trait come genetically from their Scottish lines, or their African ancestries? I suggest they received and capitalized on their intelligence and other associated talents from both sides of their family. In other words, they were a credit to their respective families, and to the human race.

Therefore, why so much furor over ethnicity and race? Does race really matter?

When I read blogs like the following, I begin to wonder:

In Germany, Hitler historically profiled Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and others as races that should be enslaved and exterminated. The tragedy of this, is that most Germans are a mixture of Celtic, Slavic, African, and Trojan haplogroups. 

Some samples of this mixture are Prince Karl Theodor and Ludwig II of Bavaria, see picture. Notice Karl's hair that is graying, and yet it is curly to the point of looking African. His relative also has very dark, curly hair See the forehead, brows, and countenance.

The Trojan (Haplogroup I) haplogroups, originally from the Middle East, and Eastern Mediterranean, are most closely related to the more Semitic haplogroup J. It's an interesting fact that only thirteen percent of those claiming Jewish descent are descended from ancestors with haplogroup J. Most professed Jews are closely related to those of us with African, Celtic, Slavic, and other ancestries. Add to this five percent of the population also has African roots, and you see the sad truth that Hitler motivated a very mixed-race German people to destroy its neighbors and closest relatives by plundering and slaughtering them with the excuse that they were in some ways inferior.

What's even more interesting is how widespread African Ancestry is in Europe.'s map of people with haplogroup E1b1b shows widespread distributions up into Scandinavia. In Germany, it shows up five to ten percent of the time.

Other than family culture, and how well or not well you, I, and others treat their immediate and extended families, what does it matter? If Central Europeans, Scots, Dutch, many Slavic countries, and anyone and nearly everyone living near the Mediterranean Sea has African roots, why would anyone want to designate one group of people as less than another?

Going into the history of this kind of discrimination, I found the following:

So favoring one group of immigrants over others, and over native populations has been in effect since the 1700s in the US and Canada, and before. It also has been an integral part of European history, up to the present times. See

So why does racial profiling continue in our society? If I fill out a job application, if I apply for state-based health insurance, if I register for anything having to do with the government, why is information requested asking for my racial background? Who is being empowered by this unecessary knowledge?

The final tragedy is that Hitler himself may have had both African and Jewish ancestors.


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