Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Memories When Young

I have some interesting memories of the place and city where I was born, ones that key me in to my family's situation in life. What do you remember about your family when you were very young? The perspectives were much different then, due to the degree of control and focus you and I possessed.
For example, I remember riding on the handlebars of a friend's bike, and falling off and skinning my right knee. Memories of that knee include a large, thick scab that covered most of it.That taught me to avoid sitting on bicycle handlebars. Other memories include being taken out of church on a Sunday, by my father, who was separated from my mother. I was then taken to a store, which, at the age of three, I knew was wrong, because we normally observed the Sabbath by refraining from purchases, and the toy blue jet that my father purchased for me. He then took me to his parents' home, and tried to get me to take a nap. I believe I found the jet plane much more interesting. I also remember watching my mother pitch a fit, and throw the airplane across the room.
What does that say about my family of origin? They were not unified, and a divorce soon ensued. I was also interested in technology, as I perceived it, from a very early age. How does that affect me today? It set the tone for my family's, and thus my social dynamics, the who-I-am-based-on-my-experiences setting, and the decisions I have made from that time forward. This carried into becoming a stepchild, getting a new first, middle, and last name, and what I have done with those names.
So what are your earliest memories? Have you written them down, or transcribed them in any way to electronic media? This leads to the next point...what do you want to do with your memories, and your past? Recording them is the first step to assessment.

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